Monday, 25 July 2016

New Music: Introducing - BEL

This blog (in part) takes its name by way of a reference to director Lars Von Trier (his film Breaking The Waves) and today I’m introducing a new Australian pop singer with a single who also gives a nod to Von Trier (although probably completely unintentionally) with a song called Melancholia. 

Isabelle Rich, from Melbourne, goes by the stage name of BEL and her debut offering is a cool, slightly heavy, but highly palatable slice of electronic pop. However, amongst its weightiness there’s still the occasional space that allows the song to breathe. It adds to its pop credentials by not wasting any time, clocking in at around three minutes, and most importantly for regular readers of this blog, BEL has already done the pop star in the bath promo pic (here)* It looks like she jumped in the tub in her local bathroom appliance showroom for that one.

The song is officially released on 29th July.

*No idea what the popstar in the bath thing is about? Try clicking here for starters and then a whole raft of posts on this blog since then.

BEL - Melancholia

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