Thursday 21 July 2016

New Music: Hannah Grace - Mustang

I first came across Hannah Grace when she was belting out big gospel and soulful sounding backing vocals as part of Gabrielle Aplin’s live band and then a few months after that front of stage as Aplin’s support act. Now she has her own new EP out there in the world and the title track, Mustang, is an absolute belter. 

This one makes no apologies; it rocks hard, and it’s a perfect vehicle for Grace’s powerhouse of a voice to really let rip. It’s the sound of a Friday night out, in a seedy forgotten downtown bar, necking hard whisky. Gutsy, gritty and with a lot of va-va-voom this is the sort of muscular song that your dad would probably describe as ‘real music’ and that ‘they don’t make anymore’. Well, I have a lot of issues with the term ‘real music’ which frankly I think is the most bollocks term ever, but dad’s right about one thing; this is dead good.

Hannah Grace - Mustang

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