Tuesday 12 July 2016

New Music: Banks - Fuck With Myself (Video)

OK. Ok. I know I shouldn’t be ‘shocked’ when someone uses the F-word in a pop song, after all it's just a word and this isn't 1977 and the Sex Pistols all over again, but still, I am. So well done Banks for surprising me. After her first album managed to straddle the line between blog-pop and mainstream approval, the first offering from the second doesn’t show any ambitions of occupying the easy and obvious middle of the road. If anything Fuck With Myself and its accompanying video are darker, creepier and more leftfield – think FKA Twigs meets American Horror Story opening credits. Let’s hope she can keep this up with whatever comes next – she might lose a few fans with this one, but I’d rather that then her veering into land of the bland.

Banks - Fuck With Myself

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