Tuesday, 19 April 2016

New Music: Pleasure Beach - Magic Mountain

Belfast band Pleasure Beach made their way onto the Blog Sound of 2016 poll longlist, a survey I’ve helped run for the last few years, although I’ll be taking a backseat for 2017, then nearly clambered onto the shortlist top 5 (1 more vote would have done it). It’s therefore no surprise to learn that as I write this a number of blogs have already picked up on their new song Magic Mountain, a thunder horse of a song, full of musical punch the air jubilance. It’s one of those burly rock tunes that makes the non-musicians amongst us air drum like no is watching, or mime into a hairbrush microphone whilst pulling shapes and doing rock star slides on our knees. It’s a song that goes POW! It’s a song that goes BAM!  It’s a song that you need in your life right now.

Magic Mountain will be released on April 22nd via Faction Records. 

Pleasure Beach have two confirmed shows at The Great Escape in Brighton in May. You’ll almost certainly find me at one of them.

Pleasure Beach - Magic Mountain

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