Wednesday, 20 April 2016

New Music: Introducing - Minque

Hailing from my very own sunny south coast home of Southsea, Portsmouth comes Minque, aka 18 year old Dani Uziel, a brand new artist who uploaded her debut track Bones to the internet just a few days ago.

Like many new acts she’s not giving away too much about herself right now; the statement ‘rhymes with think and sink’ probably doesn’t tell you a lot, so for now let’s focus on the music.

Bones is a stately piece of electronic pop music, full of night time synths that throb in a way that sounds more melancholy than they do hedonistic, with a gentle chorus that oozes into your head. Even towards the end when for a moment it sounds like the track is going to morph into some sort of building nasty banger and spoil it all, it restrains itself, reverting back to a point of understated calmness. A very promising start.

Minque - Bones

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