Monday, 18 April 2016

New Music: Introducing - Paradisia

As someone who was brought up on a strict diet of Bruce Springsteen (and Neil Diamond) by my mother I have a love / hate relationship with The Boss. I really don’t care for the length of his 4 hour plus concerts, his obsessive fans who swear that he changed their life, or even some of his so called classic songs. Sorry, I just don't get The River at all. However, I will admit to being hugely fond of his Ghost of Tom Joad album and like the fact that he’s always stuck to what he believes in - he seems like a decent and principled man.

But here comes a Bruce Springsteen song I can get behind very easily. An absolutely heavenly cover version of his 80’s MTV winner Dancing In The Dark (you know, the one where he grabs the girl out of the audience and in turn gave Bono a whole bunch of ideas) played and sung to perfection. It's by a band with a rather great name - Paradisia. No, I’d never heard of them until just now either. The vocals possess a significant similarity to those from the band The Night VI….. oh hold on…there’s a reason for that. Paradisia are the three female members of The Night VI. 

Move over Bruce, it’s time for something beautiful.

Paradisia - Dancing In The Dark


Velocity said...

Would have thought you had more to say on that fact that The Night VI have disbanded.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

I don't know enough (or really anything) about why they have and am just happy to have such a great cover - so I'd rather focus on that than the past.

Anonymous said...

This is adorable..goosebumps thank you xxx