Saturday 9 April 2016

New Music: Chløë Black - Groupie

Back in the sixties and seventies when music, drugs and the pill were liberating young people's sexuality, women began to find freedom by expressing themselves in ways they had never done before. This included the rise of the groupie, fans who spent their time infiltrating the male dominated rock scene and in doing so almost inevitably shared intimacies with members of the bands they were fans of. It's easy for some people to think of these women as sluts, but recently the role of the groupie has been reconsidered and reclaimed, with a number of articles and texts suggesting that in fact the term has been misunderstood and that groupies weren't being used by misogynistic rock and pop stars but were in fact fully liberated women who were respected, treated as equals and did what they do through absolute trust and consent. There's a possible parallel here with the modern pop world and acts like Miley Cyrus in terms of how people view and judge others behaviour.

Now Chløë Black dives into this world, by way of her fantastic new tune, simply called Groupie, which she's described as an anti slut shaming anthem. With sonics that hint at M.I.A's Paper Planes it's a big tune full of lyrics about teenage heroes, backstage passes, tour buses, being with the band, loving someone so much that you want to die together and being able to 'fuck you for life'.

In short it's bloody brilliant.

Chløë Black - Groupie

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