Tuesday 26 April 2016

New Music: Let's Eat Grandma - Eat Shiitake Mushrooms

Here’s a picture of Let’s Eat Grandma laying down.

An obvious thing to say perhaps, but I've often wondered why music bloggers don’t comment on musicians’ promo pictures very often. For example, take the growing fashion for sitting in the bath, sometimes naked, sometimes clothed (just Google Pop Stars In The Bath if you don't believe me). This to me seems a pretty bonkers / strange thing to do and yet whilst many bloggers write beautiful wordy dig-out-the-thesaurus pieces about the music, they fail to comment on the absurdity of the thing that’s staring them right in the face when they post the bath pic. Surely it's worth mentioning? 

Now laying down may not seem that odd. But that’s my point. Let’s Eat Grandma are a pretty bonkers band. The sort of group you’d really expect to see doing an in the bath promo pic. Maybe that will come with the album promotion. I imagine them sitting in a bath of glitter paint, dressed in robes, maybe with some pot plants around them as well. The album incidentally is called I, Gemini and will be released on the 17th June via Transgressive Records.

So back to that picture. It seems that Let’s Eat Grandma are pretty fond of a lay down. I recently caught their debut headline London gig, which found them playing a multitude of instruments including keyboard, xylophone, recorder, guitar, drums, saxophone and ukulele in one of the most off-kilter pop shows I’ve seen for a long time. But most importantly, during the gig, in the middle of a song, they laid down and had a nap on stage.

Oh, I almost forgot to comment on the new song. That’s what I’m meant to do isn’t it, as a *serious* music blogger? It’s called Eat Shiitake Mushrooms, which is certainly a better title than One Dance, Work or Love Yourself (feel free to add your own Top 40 single title here xxxxxxxxxxx – most of them are incredibly bland). It’s over six minutes long, and includes a near 3-minute instrumental intro, some rapping, some singing and a weird keyboard groove. Yet despite its d-i-y experimental oddness, it works. 

There’s no doubt the album is going to be one of the more out-there pop releases of 2016.

Phew, after that I need a lay down myself.

Let's Eat Grandma - Eat Shiitake Mushrooms

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