Saturday 9 April 2016

New Music: Host - State Of Your Soul

Remember the 12" extended remix? I do and London duo HOST's third offering sounds very much like one of those.* The follow up to Heartbeats In The House and All Night Every Night, State Of Your Soul continues the dance floor trajectory with more deep electronic bass lines and into the night majesty. Think the second summer of love and the Hacienda at its most popular.  "All those endless nights I thought we'd never come home, look at the state of your soul, I know you're out of control, you're so far gone," the male vocal sings before the track shoots off on a spaceship destined for a dark planet of groove. This journey takes just over 5 and a half minutes. Enjoy the ride.

* Footnote: Since writing this post I have been informed that the tune is being released on 12" vinyl - so it seems my references were, for once, spot on!

HOST - State Of Your Soul

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