Tuesday 2 June 2015

Lyza Jane - If It Hurts (Video)

Here at Breaking More Waves we quite enjoy being part of the early adopter blog crowd, but that’s not to say that we won’t feature something that’s already been out a little while, as is the case with this video for Lyza Jane’s If It Hurts, a song we originally streamed via Lyza’s Soundcloud at the start of April. Besides, the video has only had around 700 views, so we guess that still makes us somewhat near the front of the pack.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that we very much like the concept of a pop star or potential pop star in the bath. It's a weird concept, but lots of musicians seem to like doing it. We’ve written about it several times (here’s one such post) and we’re pleased to now welcome Lyza to that exclusively clean club. Here's some important points to note:

1. Lyza goes for the keeping the clothes on approach. There's so many decisions to make in this pop star in the bath malarkey. Clothes or not? Water or not? Bubbles or see through? Lyza sensibly (or you could say not sensibly considering it's a bath) goes for the safer less exposed route.

2. Everybody likes a little floating plastic yellow duck in the bath with them don’t they? Well, Lyza goes the whole hog and brings in two HUGE ducks to sit with her, giving the whole thing a very tripy experience that suits the mood of the song.

3. Lyza also adds plastic balls, a bright tinsel palm tree and a dog to her bath, showing distinct low budget Mariah Carey tendencies (see that post we linked to previously if you don’t know what we’re talking about).

4. Lyza isn't the only new addition to the pop star bath club. Petite Meller, the lady responsible for the best pop video and song of the year in the form of Baby Love has been getting in on the act as well. 

5. Lyza will be playing the Rabbit Hole stage at Glastonbury 2015. She'll probably be less fragrant there, what with the lack of baths available. Other dates will hopefully follow.

6. If It Hurts comes from the forthcoming EP Milk Teeth

Lyza Jane - If It Hurts (Video)

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