Thursday, 11 June 2015

Aurora - Running With The Wolves (Video)

We make no secret here at Breaking More Waves of our love for out and out pop music and ‘proper’ pop stars – those unique individuals who not only produce great songs but have a sense of occupying their own space – natural originals not imitators. Those pop stars (a rare and special breed) are often the sort of people who get labelled with tags like weird, kooky or pretentious, but for us that’s what makes them adorable. It’s why the likes of Katy Perry and Rihanna have never really captured our imagination; they felt a little too business like, like a product designers idea of a pop star on a drawing board. Lady Gaga seemed interesting, but she mucked up a little on the last album by forgetting to write some decent songs. Because that's the other thing great pop stars need - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G songs.

There’s a sea of imitators, but right now we’re very excited for 2 relative newcomers who have rejuvenated our love for pop music as an art form - both are 100% unique. First up is France’s Petite Meller. Her song Baby Love, which we featured in late January was a winter banger and now 6 months on looks set to be one of our songs of summer as well - it's a dance party for the world - but with it she brings her own individual style as well. The second is Norway’s Aurora, a truly remarkable individual making remarkable songs. We’ve already streamed Running With The Wolves via Soundcloud on Breaking More Waves, but now there’s a video, which manages to capture her spirit – a visual treatment which finds her escaping from a post-apocalyptic civilisation and returning to nature, running not with the wolves, but like a wolf. It’s a visually captivating piece that we’ve watched over and over. Welcome to the new generation of pop.

Aurora plays in London tonight,(probably around the time we post this video). Needless to say we’re absolutely gutted not to be there. 

Aurora - Running With The Wolves (Video)

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