Friday 19 June 2015

Iris Gold - Goldmine

Iris Gold already wowed us with WOW! (a track that has now been deleted from her Soundcloud) and now she’s digging up musical gold dust with Goldmine, which we’re informed is her ‘debut official track’ - make of that what you will. Throwing together some old school hip-hop / R&B production, a chirpy pop sensibility, whistle like electronics and a small child delivering some rhymes (one of those  ‘it really shouldn’t work but it does moments’) this one marks Iris out as being a little different from your run of the mill rapper or pop pretender. But then we knew that already from WOW! didn't we? 

After yesterday’s post where we joked about the fact that Kiiara probably wasn’t brought up in a commune of free loving French hippies, we can reveal that Iris grew up in Freetown Christiana, which is an autonomous fringe commune in Copenhagen. Apparently it even has a famously liberal/free-thinking anything-goes culture; which just goes to show that blogging about pop music and all that surrounds it can be full of twists, turns and contradictions.

Iris has yet to find much support from the blogosphere, but she’s got some big support elsewhere, with slots on one of the stages at both Blur and Taylor Swift’s shows at Hyde Park, London, which let's face it is probably worth more than it's weight in to Iris than a couple of hundred plays from a tin pot music blog.

Iris Gold - Goldmine

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