Friday 24 April 2015

Iris Gold - New Waves

“Remember when hip-hop was fun?” Iris Gold asks as her tag line on her Facebook page. She has a point doesn’t she? Hip-hop has become a bloody serious business. And whilst that’s sometimes a good thing (we’re in agreement with the critical mass that Kendrick Lamar’s album is a rather brilliant listen – dense, absorbing, complex, not an easy ride) sometimes what we want music to do is lift our spirits and make us dance our ass off and nothing more. Salt ‘n’ Pepper made us do that. Betty Boo made us do that. Charli XCX makes us do that. And somewhere in between all of those fits Iris Gold. 

She has three tracks on line and each of them is packed with grooves, ideas and a cartoonish sense of fun. Our favourite is her most recent upload WOW! an incessant hook-filled piece of bubblegum funk that stomps along with a sass and radio ready shoutiness – we’re streaming it below. 

As another one of Iris’s tag lines suggests, clear a path for her, she’s coming through.

Iris Gold - WOW!

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Ledger Note said...

Wow, I'm not sure what to think of the part of that chorus. It makes me think of some kind of retro-futuristic Japanese anime sci-fi soundtrack. Aka I love it!