Friday, 3 April 2015

Haze - Reset

A few days ago Berkshire based singer songwriter Haze popped a new song up on her Soundcloud with no explanation or fanfare. And whilst her understated and beautiful tunes probably don’t lend themselves to the showbiz drama of whatever the internet version of the red carpet, trumpets and flags being waved whilst Haze herself stands on the rooftops dressed in gold sequinned hotpants shouting ‘LISTEN YOU BASTARDS I’VE GOT ANOTHER SONG OUT AND IT’S BLOODY GORGEOUS AND YOU SHOULD ALL CHECK IT OUT AND EVERY BLOODY BLOG AND WEBSITE UNDER THE SUN SHOULD FEATURE IT’ is, it still deserves your attention. Maybe it’s our job to suggest that to you and then just let the music speak for itself?

So here’s Reset. A song with a captivating quiet power that touches both with its music (piano, strings, soft simple beats), Haze’s very special vocal and words: “Why do we hurt the ones we love?” she asks. It's as if she's whispering her darkest secrets, fears and loves right into your ears with her songs. That's what makes them exceptional.

You can catch Haze supporting Gideon Conn at the Green Note in Camden, London on the 8th April and Norway’s Sea Change in Reading at the Oakford Social Club on the 6th May (a free gig).

Haze - Reset

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