Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Grace Sarah vs Goldstar - Never Felt Like This

Cast your mind back to March 2014 and you might recall a song called Generics by an unsigned singer called Grace Sarah that we described as ‘sickeningly good’. Now one year on and here she is again, creating all sorts of nausea, but in a good way.

Teaming up with Cambridge based producers Goldstar, Never Felt Like This is an affecting and sophisticated pop tune, the musical equivalent of a champagne bellini being served at the top of a glass penthouse apartment overlooking the city. “I never felt like this, till you walked into the room,” Grace sings and you can almost hear the heart beginning to pulse a little quicker, despite the ultra-cool production and chilled vocal delivery. In places this reminds us a little of recent internet sensations Oh Wonder with its spacious sound and that’s certainly no bad thing.

Never Felt Like This is an expertly executed piece of pop music, the first song from the first of 3 EPs Grace will be delivering in the near future, so keep listening.

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Grace Sarah vs Goldstar - Never Felt Like This

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