Friday 10 April 2015

Bully - Trying

Rather like the internet, pop and rock music sometimes provides a shield for those who want to share things that they probably wouldn’t walk into a room of strangers and tell immediately*. Alicia Bognanno of rising Nashville group Bully takes off her invisible handcuffs in the groups new indie / grunge rocking song Trying from the start: “I’ve been praying for my period all week and relief that I just can’t see. I question everything, my focus, my figure, my sexuality and how much it matters,” she sings before the guitars are dirtily ramped up like a modern day L7 or Hole and she yells “I am trying to hide from my mind, I am trying all the time, I am.” If these words were the first that Alicia spoke to you if you met her in the street, you’d probably find it way too intimate and totally disconcerting; but rasped out in a song, broadcast to potentially the whole wide world, it seems totally natural.

Bully’s debut album Feels Like is out June 23rd with forthcoming dates in Breaking More Waves' home country of the UK in May including The Great Escape, Live at Leeds and London’s Lexington.

*Footnote - thankfully unlike the internet pop and rock music doesn't allow artists to share pictures of what they're having for their lunch or cups of coffee they're drinking. 

Bully - Trying

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