Friday 20 February 2015

Robyn Sherwell - Tightropes

If you look up the word beautiful in the dictionary, there’s a new definition. It simply says “Robyn Sherwell’s song Tightropes”. 

This one’s a gently chiming ballad that compares a relationship to walking on an unsteady wire far from the ground: “You were my earth and I would float along never looking down, only able to see blue skies shining all around.” Uh-oh, you just know it’s all going to wrong don’t you? And as we’ve said many times on this blog, as cruel as it may be, when young love goes tits up there’s a brilliant emotionally heavy pop song just waiting to be written. Of course, for listeners that’s all the better for us. Take a listen – you’ll be hard pushed to find another song so gorgeously reflective and melancholy this week.

Tightropes is taken from Robyn’s forthcoming EP due March 30th which will also feature previously blogged songs Islander and Pale Lung. She plays the Lexington in London on the same date and had various festival slots already announced.

Robyn Sherwell - Tightropes

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