Monday 16 February 2015

Aurora - New Waves

In the dim and distant past Aurora AFX was a slot system motor racing game. In 2015 Aurora is a Norwegian pop singer and AFX is better known as Aphex Twin a maverick techno and electronic artist. As far as we are aware, we’ve yet to have a singer called Scalextric, but maybe that will come.

It’s the Norwegian pop singer that we want to focus on though, rather than plastic cars. After all this is a music blog.

Aurora Aksnes is an 18 year old from Bergen and has already proved pretty popular on the internet with her songs Under The Stars and Awakening, both of which featured a fascinating combination of keyboard led instrumentation and Aurora’s arresting voice which rises and falls as if she was singing a traditional folk tune, but with a pop melody. We also hear rumours of some amazing non-choreographed dancing at her live shows, which if you’re based in the UK you may be able to witness at this year’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton this May and the Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton, London on the 24th February.

New online is Aurora’s latest tune, the magical Runaway. Described as being a song ‘for all the people who have been lost in this world,’ Runaway is a touching and beautiful piece of work, one that demonstrates that when performed with heart and conviction, electronic music can be just as emotive and tender as any other genre. Truly wonderful.

Aurora - Runaway

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