Saturday 7 February 2015

Claudia Kane - Residents Of Darkness (Video)

Since we introduced Claudia Kane last August there’s been diddly squat in terms of new material until now. Not that Residents of Darkness is 100% out of the wrapping new – we featured the original video back in that previous post when we described the song as ‘unearthly night-rave’ and suggested it was a bit like Lana Del Rey going clubbing and popping pills in hotpants, which would make a change from that red dress she keeps taking on and off in the lyrics of her songs. No red dress for Claudia though, we imagine if she was wearing a dress it would be black, maybe with the odd silver sequin.

This new humping, pumping dark disco video features plenty of twitching shoulders from Claudia’s dancers and lots of atmospheric backlighting. The song itself presses the better-than-decent-pop-that-you-could-dance-to ‘in da club’ button with some firmness. It’s one of those tunes that screams 'dance remix frenzy coming soon', although right now there only seems to be the one (the sharp fist pumping T.O remix) which we’re streaming below, which for some reason reminds of something from Depeche Mode’s Black Celebration LP given a modern reworking. See what you think and give it a play, pushing its figures up from the woeful 5 plays it has on Soundcloud right now.

Claudia Kane - Residents of Darkness (Video)

Claudia Kane - Residents of Darkness (T.O Remix)

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Harmony attack said...

Well your disappointment is over. I heard her sing live last night at the Old Blue Last [28th July 2015]. Fantastic. She had written her own tribute to Billie Holiday what a song and Residence of Darkness with guitar and Darling is not my name was great with acoustic guitar but there were four new songs. Amazing. I am sure there are other gigs in the next few days go and see her; don't take my word for it she's unbelievably good. You were right to blog about her. The delay was worth it.