Wednesday 11 February 2015

Brika - Moon

We’ve often (well, occasionally) wondered what the average user of blog aggregator Hype Machine looks like. On one hand we’d like to think that they’re the kind of ultra-cool dude that is just always on it in every way; music, fashion, art, the works. The sort of person that just exudes charm, sex appeal and has the most incredible music collection you could ever imagine. People just like us. On the other hand the reality is that they’re probably some sort of greasy haired spotty geek who doesn’t know how to use a deodorant who spends 50% of their time wanking off to the latest Kanye Hype Machine chart topping remix and the other 50% to porn.

However whatever they look like, you can’t deny that every now and then the typical user of the Hype Machine knows a good tune when they hear one. You’ve only got to look at the impressive amount of love shown for Miami’s Brika on the site to know that. This lady uploaded multiple eargasms to the internet last year and we’re glad that Breaking More Waves was in the mix, posting a number of her songs for both the beautifully hip and the goofy geeks to salivate over. 

Here’s another one. Taken from her album Voice Memos, the end product of a three-year musical relationship with songwriter, arranger, pianist and producer Julio Reyes Copello, Moon is an exquisitely produced piece of pop with a heavy downtempo feel to it and an aggressively powerful chorus. If you’re a fan of the likes of Banks or Indiana we highly recommend that you grab yourself a copy of this album. 

Hype Machine listeners, whatever they look like, are sometimes on the money.

(You can find Breaking More Waves on Hype Machine here - follow us if you like, then you can just listen to the tunes and cut out all the crap we write.)

Brika - Moon

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