Friday 27 February 2015

Purity Ring - bodyache

The biggest difference to Another Eternity, the second Purity Ring record, from the first is that this time round Megan and Corin worked in the same room rather than by correspondence. Sonically however, little seems to have changed – there’s no ditching of electronics for guitars for example. Dropping  their trademark sound would have seemed odd at this stage in the band’s career though, a bit like splitting up with a perfectly great boyfriend or girlfriend just because you fancied a change.

And new song bodyache (yes, no capital letter) is the musical equivalent of that very good boyfriend or girlfriend – managing to combine the bands alt.pop alien cute oddness with a sound that nearly approaches the area of widescreen radio pop banger. Stream that below and listen to an advance stream of the album via NPR here.

Purity Ring - bodyache (Video)

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