Thursday 26 February 2015

Blooms - Fall

According to Last Fm there are two acts called Blooms. One of them is a nu-metal band from Russia. The other is Louise Cunnane, a London based singer who performs unhurried sounding electronic pop songs that suggest what we imagine getting lost in Bensons for Beds or Dreams would sound like. 

Streaming below is a new track from one of those two acts. See if you can guess which one.

Clue: Fall (yes, in a timely manner following on from a track we posted yesterday called Madonna) is the sound of the small hours slowly sliding out from behind a smoky haze as the singer questions the nature of a relationship and if it’s time to leave. It’s a slow burner that (to continue that furniture store analogy) would definitely be a deep leather sofa that you could sink right back into if you were rummaging around in DFS or IKEA. Bigger clue – there are no heavy guitar riffs, there’s no shouting and nobody is singing “Давайте рок Россия.” 

This one's sophisticated, highly listenable and worth your time.

Blooms - Fall

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