Friday 30 January 2015

Plastic Mermaids - Playing In Your Mind (Video)

Inhale The Universe EP from Isle of Wight psychedelic folk types Plastic Mermaids is the follow up to their debut Drømtorp . From it comes Playing In Your Mind a song that manages to capture the more tender feathery moments of Blur’s output alongside the mystic swirls of the Flaming Lips; this is no bad thing.

It’s got lines about “wandering through the pastures, looking back at our disasters,” or at least we think that's what is sung. Or is it past years not pastures? We’re not sure, so we’re saying it’s pastures, because that sounds weirder and therefore more fun, even though past years makes more sense. Then there’s spacey electronic noises that go oo-ee-oo-ee-oo, acoustic strums that sound giddily romantic and the most gloriously bonkers video you’ll see all week. Here you’ll find mannequins galore, upward ‘falling’ ticker tape, facial parts on drums, masks, journey’s into the mouth, stop motion a plenty and a rainbow of colourfully absurd ideas. Someone give them a decent budget so that they can build some of this vision into a live show of equal merit please. 

Inhale The Universe is released on the 9th March on Cross Keys Records. For now enjoy Playing In Your Mind’s beautiful oddball magnificence.

Plastic Mermaids - Playing In Your Mind (Video)

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