Monday 12 January 2015

Laura Groves - Dream Story

If there’s one return to music that we’ve been more excited about than any else (we’re still wishing with the mildest glimmer of hope for that reunion / reappearance of The Sundays) then it’s that of Laura Groves. For Laura’s 2009 Blue Roses LP through XL remains one of our favourite works of the last 10 years.

Laura’s new material has its own special charm and this song Dream Story, released today, is probably the most beguiling track she’s offered post Blue Roses. With warm sounding keys that have a soft glow similar to Donald Fagen's music circa 1982’s Nightfly  LP and Laura’s impeccable vocal, this one takes its title from a 1926 novella by Austrian author Arthur Schnitzler, a tale which deals with sexual dreams and their blurring with reality. The song takes similar lyrical themes and is an exquisite piece of subtle pop.

Dream Story features on Groves' upcoming Committed Language EP, released by DEEK Recordings on the 16th February.

Laura Groves - Dream Story

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