Friday 16 January 2015

BEA - Filthy Believer (Video)

The first time we featured BEA on Breaking More Waves she was sitting in the bath showing us what went on under the skin whilst remaining fully clothed. She joined the multitude (ok – over exaggeration - a few) pop stars who like to sit in the bath and document it by the use of video or photography (here)

Now she’s back and this time we have a video that on the face of it looks a bit sh*t. It’s just a one-take piece with her dancing around a bit and everything’s very pink. Then some petals fall down. 

When Noisey premiered the video (for premiere you can insert the words 'was given it by the PR company earlier than anyone else' if you want, but that doesn't make the site sound as important) earlier today they interviewed BEA and asked the following question: “Hiya BEA so what’s going on in this video then?” It seems a bit of a silly question to us. If this was twitter we'd probably put a sarcastic #journalism after that question. After all it’s pretty clear. Unsurprisingly BEA’s answer was, “it’s BEA in a pink environment dancing around and eventually pink rose petals start falling down around her and it’s shot in one take with a handycam.” 

So whilst this doesn’t sound like the deepest of artistic concepts, it works. Just. We like BEA’s dancing. It’s like she’s slowly losing herself to the music, either that or she’s on drugs. It's more interesting to watch than the standard roll shoulder - roll head - roll other shoulder - grind -repeat pop star dancing that seems to be de rigueur today. Take a view below. If you think we’re wrong and in fact it is a bit shit, please let us know. Thanks.

BEA plays her first UK show on March 4th at Notting Hill Arts Club for New Shapes. Filthy Believer is taken from her debut EP which is called Good Thinking, out now.

BEA - Filthy Believer (Video)

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