Saturday 24 January 2015

Lilla Vargen - New Waves

If you look at the various online profiles for Lilla Vargen you’ll find that right now there as many music blogs / writers following her as anyone else. This comes as no surprise; after all one of the main reasons why people visit new music blogs is to discover new talent and so bloggers have to keep up to date if their blogs are to be of any value. And Vargen is very new. Her debut song This Is Love has only been on line less than a week and currently has under 4,000 plays on Soundcloud. 

What surprises and intrigues us about this little bit of blog buzz is why so many bloggers have gone for this song. Not because it isn’t good, far from it, it’s an exquisitely crafted and beautifully sad piece of work. But This Is Love is a rather old fashioned and classic piano ballad far from the usual Hype Machine number 1 chasing flavour of the month pop music. It’s lack of trendiness is almost staggering. So well done the blogosphere for being able to recognise quality over everything else.

If you’ve read anything about Lilla on the blogs (and most of them don't tell you very much) you’ll probably know that she’s from Belfast. What many of them won’t have told you is that despite the title of the song, This Is Love is not a joyously romantic tune. Sung from the soul Lilla confesses how love can be blind, even when things aren’t going well anymore. “I wanted to believe we were right,” she croons before describing the “endless hours spent late at night, wondering how you could act this way, wondering how you could say the things that you say.” It’s a song of sadness and heartache, with a wish to turn the clock back: “I wish I’d known you before, because now it seems like a chore to see me.” 

A powerful and emotionally arresting ballad. Lilla has our blog heart won already.

Lilla Vargen - This Is Love


Anders said...

Funny moniker for being irish. Lilla Vargen means The little wolf in Swedish. Nice tune, however.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Of course it may not be her real name ;)