Thursday 17 July 2014

Vaults - Lifespan

Right. Let’s put Vaults down as a possibility for those end of year Sound of 2015 lists shall we?

New single Lifespan, their first for Virgin EMI following two well received internet 'buzz tracks', Premonitions and the absurdly brilliant Cry No More, is quite possibly even more absurdly brilliant. That’s quite a lot of absurdly brilliant and not a lot of critical music journalism for you, but then Breaking More Waves isn’t about critical musical journalism is it? If you want critique go and read Pitchfork. However, if you want something akin to a teen orgasm of words about lush swelling synths and chiming aluphone pop music stay with us.

But for now here’s some facts:

1. Vaults are not a 'mystery band' despite what other websites / blogs might be saying. We told you some information about who they are and their past previously (click here).

2. Their lead singer currently has 29 followers on Twitter. Yes, we know this isn’t relevant to the music, but pop has never just been about the music.

3. Vaults are playing a few selected festivals this summer (Latitude, Beacons, Electric Picnic, Bestival, Festival No.6).

4. They have a gig at the ICA in London on the 3rd September, which is exactly 12 months after we posted their first song, so that's a birthday party of sorts. As it's just down the road from Buckingham Palace maybe some royalty will pop along? If not Vaults will just have to make do with the riff-raff like us. See you down the front.

Vaults - Lifespan

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