Tuesday 22 July 2014

Kate Miller - Fortify (Video)

Back in February we introduced Kate Miller to readers of Breaking More Waves and stated that a debut EP would be released later in the year. Now signs of that EP are beginning to surface. First up from it comes Fortify and the accompanying video which streams below.

On Fortify, rather like the previously streamed Collar Up it sounds as if Kate isn’t trying too hard vocally; there’s no X-Factor style warbling or histrionics to be found and frankly the tune is all the better for it. Her understated tones have a glowing sensual presence, the opening line of ‘tonight I’m gonna face the sun’ being a perfect description of how she sings; with a warmth and mellowness that its easy to drift away with.

The video takes clips of performance artists such as Bruce Nauman as well as Anne Teresa De Keersmaekers’s choreographed dance Fase. The choice of these videos comes from Kate’s obsession with performance art. “I wanted to address visually what I felt about the songs on my EP, going through obsessions, being besotted with a subject or person, and repetition,” she says.

Kate Miller - Fortify (Video)

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