Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Låpsley - Painter (Valentine) (Video)

Having disregarded music industry protocol and wisdom by uploading Station to her Soundcloud account just before Christmas when almost everyone was doing other things, Liverpool’s Låpsley found herself at the centre of a blog-buzz Hype Machine jumping whirlwind by the start of January and it hasn't stopped since.

So let’s just pause and offer four words of warning:

It’s very early days.

Whilst the music Holly Lapsley Fletcher is creating are undoubtedly gorgeous downtempo gems, the corner of the internet that deals with new artists (and that includes us) needs to learn a lesson from her songs and chill a bit. 

Why? Because she’s hardly played any live electronic shows; being thrust into the limelight and broadcast to the world online at Glastonbury on the BBC Introducing Stage was a gamble when so few gigs have been played. She’s still incredibly young, and therefore still developing as an artist and a person. Too much excitement can be a dangerous thing, even if the artist doesn’t feel it, those listening can sometimes expect too much. You think we'd have learnt that by now wouldn't you?

So for now let’s take a breather, enjoy the music and this newly released video for what it is, but not start calling her the female James Blake or whatever other superlative is out there. As hard as it is not to get over excited, let’s just all keep a bit calm.

That's going to be bloody difficult though isn't it?

Låpsley - Painter (Valentine) (Video)

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