Friday 18 July 2014

Laura Doggett - Phoenix

Last year on the blog we pondered why Wiltshire lass Laura Doggett wasn’t already a household name and named her song Sometimes as one of our favourites of 2013. Now she’s back with new material following a recent short low-key tour of the west-country, a support slot with Agnes Obel at Somerset House and her own headlining show alongside one of our major blog-crushes Alice Jemima in London on Wednesday night in a room that contained a stuffed monkey holding a gun. We're not making that up.

The new song is Phoenix, the first results of her collaboration with sadcore producer and performer Sohn. On first listen Phoenix could easily be mistaken for a long lost Bjork track, combining skittering minimalistic beats, gentle keys and looped effects, but whereas Bjork has a tendency to use expressive art-pop vocals, Doggett’s voice is deeply restrained, sounding rich and timeless against the very modern production. It's a voice that will probably make you feel something inside your gut as she sings “phoenix gonna rise from the ash again.” It's astonishingly good and gets better with every listen. 

Having seen her live we can also confirm that Laura can also do big and expressive vocals like the best of them - it's not all about subtlety. Keep an ear out for her sonic boom in the future as she unleashes her soul to the world.

Phoenix is already streaming on Spotify.

Laura Doggett - Phoenix

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