Friday, 18 July 2014

James - Curse Curse

Yesterday we posted a well-received article giving some reasons why many on line music writers don’t write about the lyrics (good or bad) in pop songs. It therefore seems an appropriate time to post about long serving UK band James, who released a new LP (La Petite Mort) this year. From that record on Soundcloud comes Curse Curse. Here Tim Booth returns (partly) to his saucy and funny days of Laid where he sang of the bed being on fire “with passionate love, the neighbours complain about the noises above, but she only comes when she's on top.” 

On Curse Curse Tim correlates football and making love in the opening lines, which find him being ashamed for getting turned on by the sound of someone in the next door hotel room having sex whilst he watches Lionel Messi score a goal. “A hundred thousand came,” he sings.

Curse Curse is a return to the bands heady chart topping days around the period between the Gold Mother and Seven albums, taking influence from rave-pop. It’s also our favourite song of theirs for years and so whilst Breaking More Waves doesn’t delve too deeply into artists that may now be considered past-masters, we’re enjoying Curse Curse so much, and after all it is their new single / new music which is our main reason for existence, so we wanted to bring it to your attention. Altogether now: “Pour me more tequila…..”

James - Curse Curse

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