Thursday 29 May 2014

Young War - Darker Love

The last time we featured Young War we suggested he’d gone a bit Chet Faker in his sound, giving it a hip grinding, lip blushing, cheek flushing vibe, even if the lyrics of Black Diamond weren’t exactly about removing underwear and seeking pleasures of the sensual type.

Now he’s continuing that path with another new song called Darker Love, which has been produced by Pablo Nouvelle, who was also responsible for a remix of Young War’s Rose Gold. Here the music is slinky and sophisticated with looped guitars mixing with light beats to create a warm and hypnotising groove. 

Darker Love gives an immediate clue to the lyrics and this one sounds like things are pretty complicated. “You remind me of a love I used to know,” he sings at one point. “I want to see you in the darkness, I want to turn out all the lights, I want to swim in all the sadness, I want to drown in all your lies,” he adds. This is all after he’s opened the song by asking someone to come closer to his heart, close enough that they can “tear it apart.” It’s certainly not all uncomplicated sunrises, flowers, champagne and chocolates, but then that’s just the stuff of teen romance isn’t it? This one is a bit deeper. It's full of being ready to be hurt.

Young War - Darker Love

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