Thursday 15 May 2014

You - New Waves

“We are a bit weird but we mean well,” it states on the Soundcloud biography for You, a London based four piece who we first came across around Easter time when one of our favourite music blogs Just Music That I Like posted this song and confused the hell out of us, as nearly simultaneously we had posted an artist known as Y.O.U. The two couldn’t be more different, except for the fact that they are both equally good and both use keyboards, but in very different ways.

The You of today’s post consists of Anna Waldmann, Sam Campbell, Harrison Ball and Massimo Zeppetelli and they’ve captured our imagination with the haunting and claustrophobic sounding In Halves. It’s a song that has an eerie, unsettling edge to it, created through petal like vocals, soft horror film score piano and atmospheric guitars. It has a suitably weird video as well. But whilst the music might disturb a little there's an innate loveliness held within the song. Never has uneasy listening seemed so beautiful.

In Halves is taken from the band’s debut EP which is due on May 19 via Manchester’s MUK records. It shows that sometimes things are best left to the weirdos.

You - In Halves (Video)


Anonymous said...

“We are a bit weird but we mean well" = you're really fucking twee and boring.

Anonymous said...

"you're really fucking twee and boring" = you're fucking rude and have no taste

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Now now, come on children, settle down.