Tuesday 27 May 2014

David Harks - New Waves

Today we introduce another UK south coast central act via our UK south coast central based blog. The name David Harks first cropped up on radars after Sirens appeared on the Kitsune Maison 15 compilation. However, it is latest tune We that has impressed us more. It’s a gentle tumble of a pop song that acts as a soundbed for a subtly uplifting anthem for doing the things we have to do to. “How you ache to feel alive,” David sings with a touch of soul, although just to confuse you this is not David Harks. The vocals are by one David Sanderson. David Harks is the name of the act in the same way as Miike Snow (who David Harks are gaining a number of comparisons to) is a band not a person. Ditto also Rilo Kiley or Franz Ferdinand, although David Harks certainly don’t sound like those. 

David Harks promise ‘four new singles set to premiere in 2014’ of which this is the first. Keep those ears finely tuned for more.

David Harks - We

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