Monday 12 May 2014

Wildest Dreams - New Waves

If you’re a fan of the sort of floaty indie music known as dream pop then the chances are you’ll enjoy this new London based two piece named Wildest Dreams. Consisting of Holly Mullineaux on guitar and vocals and Zoe Mead on samples, synth and further vocals Wildest Dreams is very much in its formative stages as a project, having only formed last month. The songs on their Soundcloud are labelled as being at ‘bedroom demo phase,’ but don’t let that put you off.

There’s a charming innocence and prettiness about what they’ve recorded, without the songs ever becoming saccharine. In fact at Wildest Dreams’ heart there’s something a bit darker and melancholy going on. 

Take the track we’re streaming below. Dark Matter features a delicately appealing guitar loop and spectrally sweet vocals. But the troubled lyrics are not all sunshine and light:  “If you go away, I won’t sleep at night. I’ll leave the curtains closed and forget my troubles in the dark.” Add to that some doleful tumbling drum sounds and as the tune progresses some layers of gloomy aquatic guitars and suddenly the song becomes that bit more inky.

A debut EP and gigs are due later this year, but for now Dark Matter represents a promising start.

Wildest Dreams - Dark Matter

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