Saturday 24 May 2014

Ivy & Gold - New Waves

There’s a definite touch of the ‘London Grammar’s’ to the voice of Rachel Wilkinson, the lead singer of two piece epic pop duo Ivy & Gold, but then if you’re going to get a vocal comparison that’s not a bad one to have is it? The girl has a sizeable pair of lungs, her voice capable of reaching the highs and lows with effortless swoops. If you want some further comparisons we’d throw in Marina of Marina & The Diamonds fame and current pop chart topper Foxes. Based on those similarities it was inevitable that Ivy & Gold eventually made their way onto Breaking More Waves, although it’s taken a while; their debut EP Awake was released in the early part of 2013 but completely passed us by. However, new song Not Had Enough had no chance of escaping our ears.

So we’ve established that Rachel can sing the arse off pretty much anything that has an arse, but a substantial vocal delivery is only well and good if there’s a great song to support it. Otherwise things are going nowhere. Thankfully Not Had Enough is a 100% great pop song. There’s a big chorus, a big production, a big pop sound and a sense of big ambition. If they were explorers they'd be heading for Everest. 

Hailing from the delightfully pretty Broxbourne in Hertfordshire Ivy & Gold are the aforementioned Rachel Wilkinson and co-collaborator Jamie Davies. We’re informed that they bonded over a love of Miike Snow, Fleetwood Mac and Ellie Goulding (which makes a lot of sense when you listen to Not Had Enough) and are also inspired by the soundtrack composers Tom Tyker and Hans Zimmer (which would explain that big sound). Not Had Enough is taken from their new EP Eye of the Storm.

The band have recently confirmed a show at St Pancras Church in London on 17th Sept. Maybe you should mark that in your diaries now?

Ivy & Gold - Not Had Enough (Video)

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O Squared said...

This is amazing! PS you have good tunes! send more electronic/acoustic vibes our way!