Monday 5 May 2014

Host - New Waves

Erotic belches of bassy electronics form the backbone of Heartbeats In The House, the debut track from H0ST, another act mucking around with grammar, putting the number ‘0’ in their name rather than the letter ‘o’. That is on their Soundcloud account at least. The email we received from the band spelt their name normally, so either they haven’t quite worked out their spelling, or the ‘0’ was just because someone else had already nabbed the Host account name.

HOST, H0ST or Host or whatever they’re called are also following the rather uninspiring ‘keep the identity and information hidden’ approach, the email we received from them simply stating that it would be amazing if we got a chance to listen to the track, and nothing else. So we did listen and were impressed. Heartbeats In The House is a neat fusion of 90’s grooves and dark disco with a silky smooth pop melody over the top. Highly danceable.

Host - Heartbeats In The House

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