Monday 20 January 2014

Dive In - Let Go (EMBRZ Remix)

Free download time. Dive In got us grabbing our shades, jumping in our open topped sportscar and racing down to the south coast and the beach, the wind and sun streaming through our hair as we went last year with their song Let Go.

That was until we realised we didn’t own an open topped sports car (a Toyota Auris just isn’t quite the same is it – but hey at least its reliable and comfy, even if the stolen Jai Paul album sounds rubbish in it), already live on the south coast not far from the beach and don’t really have any hair for the wind or sun to stream through. Oops.

Now, considering that we featured Let Go last August, you’d expect that the record's shelf life had probably expired, but no, now Dive In have pushed out a remix from Irish producer EMBRZ (not to confused with the band Embers) a more chilled dreamy affair than the upbeat summer pop of the original. Dive In support the lovely Pawws at The Lexington on February 12th.

Dive In - Let Go (EMBRZ Remix)

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