Sunday 19 January 2014

Babypink - New Waves

If you’re going to do indie rock, then the Rules of Pop (Indie Rock Supplement 2.0) gives a variety of options for a great tune. It’s quite clear that West Midlands band Babypink have read the rules and digested them fully, choosing option B, which consists of the following:

1. A big squealing hooky riff.

2. A baseline that pummels. 

3. Have at one song that bears a tiny resemblance to Wave of Mutilation by The Pixies.

4. There must be at least one floppy fringe present.

The great tune in this case is Petrichor, ticking off the checklist right down to the haircuts. There’s also Feeble, a decadent and sinister sounding rocker. Petrichor streams below and you can both on their Soundcloud

Although like much of the current indie crop they’re channelling the sort of guitar sounds and song structures last heard back in the early 90’s before the genre / soon-to-be-fizzy-drink (if Alex James gets his way) Britpop changed everything, they’re doing it rather well. Early reports suggest that the other tunes they are currently bashing out in their live set are also full of promise, so we’ve marked up a file called Babypink to file in our 'hot new indie newcomers' drawer. 

According to another part of the internet Babypink used to be called Sugar, which would have been a bit confusing, as those with a bit of musical history in their brains might think that Bob Mould was back with his band. (If you don't know anything about Sugar start here) So although you will have to get your head round the fact that Babypink is a bit of an atrocious name for a group, at least when they turn up to play they won't be greeted with an audience of puzzled looking 30 and 40 somethings.

Babypink - Petrichor

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