Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sivu - I Lost Myself

Remember our August – October new release theory? No? Ok, well you have some blog-school catching up to do, otherwise you’re never going to pass the Breaking More Waves Basic Rules and Theories of Pop exam level 1. Your recommended revision guide is the most up to date version of The Rules of Pop you can find (you can ignore chapter 8 on How To Make Money Through Record Sales, it's totally out of date), as well as this blog for core course material. Other blogs will also supplement your knowledge.

So let’s recap. You’ll find the August – October new release theory here when we last wrote about Sivu in August. Now it’s October and so to help validate this theory, bang on time, Sivu has another release (which will officially be out on the fourth of November). For further background reading on the August – October theory please see this past blog post from 2009, the only difference being that was a slightly earlier model called the September – November theory and at the time Instagram didn't exist and therefore it was still OK for potential pop stars to take selfies and use them as publicity pictures.

With your pop theory recap over for the day here’s your practical lesson. Get your ears round I Lost Myself, a fine example of quirky global pop that sounds like everybody in the studio had a go at bashing something whilst Sivu coaxed out a subtle grower of a melody. Trust us, on listen one you might go 'meh' but by listen four you'll be hooked - reference Chapter 12 - Instant Thrills vs Longer Term Gains In Music in your revision books.

Sivu - I Lost Myself

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