Friday, 25 October 2013

Samuel - New Waves

Today we’re introducing a new artist who goes by the name of Samuel. No surname, just Samuel. His music is very much of the moment; Steam Train is all serene electronics, beats and tinged with slow-mo sensual R&B atmospherics, but what sets it apart from the masses is the tenderness, the softness, the sparse beauty of the thing. Amongst the smooth computerisations, the synth wobbles and the why-don’t-we-fuck-right-now bass there’s a gorgeously restrained soulful voice. There’s something about its inflection and tone that feels eerily familiar as well; as if it’s a ghost from the days of blogs past. We could be wrong but we suspect there’s something about dragons lurking in this singer’s history, but if there is or isn’t, it’s the now that we’re concerned with not with chasing yesterday. 

Oh go on then, we're not going to be mysterious, we're pretty sure that Samuel is Samuel Chase who used to be in Samuel and the Dragon (who recorded one of the most under-rated pieces of leftfield pop ever in Diamonds On A Boat) and then went on to record some material as Dreadnought. (Get out clause: nobody has confirmed this to us, it's just our own guess work so we can't be 100%, but we're 99% sure).

His Soundcloud tag describes Steam Train as a technicolour jam, but we’d suggest that if music has a colour, this song is black midnight darkness lit by the dull sodium glare of city streetlights and stars rather than bright rainbows. The Falling Star EP is out now. 

Samuel - Steam Train

Samuel - Falling Star (Video)

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