Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Findlay - New Waves

Breaking More Waves is very much a fan blog. Put simply, we post what we post because we’re fans of the music and for no other reason. As fans this means that sometimes we have to keep SHOUTING about something great. Our hope is that every now and then someone reading this blog will discover something they like and fan conversion will take place, but sometimes it doesn't happen instantly. You have to SHOUT loudly, more than once, to get people to take notice. It's not the most subtle of techniques, but sometimes it works.

It’s a philosophy we share with our big bad blog brother The Von Pip Musical Express who has been SHOUTING quite loudly in everyone’s face for some time about Findlay from Manchester. So after all his ear pummelling we’ve been battered into submission and have to agree that the gutter fingering rock n roll bruising she delivers is pretty damn fine.

Take new single Greasy Love. It’s a bit of a ‘holy shit’ moment. It’s the musical equivalent of a fist f*ck and finding it dirtily wonderful. It has big drums, grubby guitars and underneath it all a chanted chorus that hooks your ear off without mercy. Really what more do you want?

Then there’s Off & On (see and hear here) which is definitely more on than off – it’s on fire, on heat, on the money.

You can almost hear the sweat dripping in her songs. Play them. Then if you love them SHOUT ABOUT THEM.

Findlay - Greasy Love (Video)

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