Friday, 11 October 2013


If you’ve already come across the ridiculously named but easy to Google FFFRRANNNO it’s most probably in the same way we did; through the twenty something producer's remix of Lorde’s Bravado. The connections with Lorde don’t stop there; both artists come from New Zealand and have the same people working for them. However, in terms of musical similarities there’s very little except that both are very enjoyable.

FFFRRANNNO’s tracks remind us a little of Gold Panda or Mount Kimbie in so far as it’s modern electronic music that aims for more than just the dance floor – your private home listening attention is demanded as well. This level of privacy seems to extend to some of the track names; one piece is titled How To Fuck Well (having listened to it we still haven't improved our abilities in that area - maybe we weren't listening hard enough) and a freshly plucked remix of The 1975’s Pressure, which is subtitled the Birthday Sex Remix (our detective work suggests FFFRRANNNO’S birthday is 14th March, so you know what to do then OK?).

These crisp, shiny productions fizzle with brightness and are packed with enough ideas to warrant repeated plays. Our biggest difficulty was selecting just a couple of tracks from the wealth of ultra-modern zooming computer richness that FFFRRANNNO has uploaded online to date to recommend to you. So get started with what’s below. First there’s that lolloping Birthday Sex Remix and that’s followed by Noah. It's a track that pings, woops, bops and grooves in all the right places before it takes off to the moon. If you like what you hear, head this way for more.

And as for the name? Simple. It's just his first name, Frano, elongated for internet accessibility. 

The 1975 - Pressure (FFFRRANNNO's Birthday Sex Remix)

FFFRRANNNO - Noah (Audio Stream Only)

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