Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Joseph Salvat - Every Night

“You know they all say that you’re much more than this bust up face deserves, but then I guess you need the dishes I serve.” So starts the new tune from Josef Salvat – could it perhaps be the soundtrack to the biopic of Gordon Ramsey? We digress though, this is not a food or chef blog, even if we like to think of ourselves as a waiter serving good musical dishes.

So back to Salvat, a man who is deeply unashamed of the pastel suit and some confident stage posing, who previously had internet success with debut tunes Hustler and This Life; that is if you define success as lots of plays of your music rather than real life packed out crowds – when we caught him at Blissfields Festival this summer he played to a very scarce audience, but then the year before that we saw Charli XCX at the same festival play to virtually nobody and she’s done OK since hasn’t she?  

Salvat’s new song is called Every Night and somebody we played it to described it as ‘a plodder’, which doesn’t really sell it does it?  Although certainly there's a truth that Every Night is led by a dawdling bass throb as Salvat croons his way through the piece, before going for a gentle knicker-wetting falsetto in the chorus. So if it’s a plodder, it’s a pretty good one. Just make sure you have spare underwear with you when listening.

Josef Salvat - Every Night

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Rain said...

"404 – Oops, we couldn’t find that sound"
It says for me.