Monday, 7 October 2013

Linus Young - New Waves

With a modern production applied to an atmospheric indie rock template, Linus Young has divided our thoughts; first that this new band could be onto something, or second that they could be the next version of The Neighbourhood. Remember their song Female Robbery? It was a promising start, appearing to drag indie rock out of its often backward looking mould, but everything after that veered dangerously close (OK, it actually hit) to Maroon 5 blandness. Could Linus Young end up doing the same? Let’s hope not (even if both acts are touring with The 1975 in the US and UK respectively).

For now let’s just enjoy City of Sin – which is rather excellent. It’s a song that manages to combine the languid artistry of groups like The XX and London Grammar with guitars that glide and chime, some near obligatory modern electronic pulses towards the end, male female vocals, plus a Breaking Bad style landscape in the video. 

According to Google searches the track first showed up on line at This Kid Is A Problem and Disco Naïveté and has Manny Marroquin (who has worked with Kanye West, Alicia Keys and The Weeknd amongst others ) on mixing duties, which all suggests that there’s a team behind this one, so more is sure to follow. 

Linus Young - City Of Sin (Video)

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