Friday, 28 December 2012

Blackeye - New Waves

South-East London’s Blackeye have a thick, petulant energy to them. It’s an energy that can only really be created from that classic line up of bass, guitar and drums; but what Blackeye also have is the hooks, melodies and tunes to get inside your head. There are just two of them out there at the moment, but they’re both indie punk pop corkers. “I couldn’t give a f*ck if you asked me to, I know that you were drunk but that’s no excuse,” spits out lead vocalist Chloe Little on Growing Pains and immediately we’re recalling bands like the guitar snog of The Popguns , The Darling Buds, The Primitives, Kenickie and even a touch of Brit-Poppers Sleeper and Elastica. It’s jubilant high octane stuff that’s likely to find its place bouncing around the snakebite city floors of regional toilet venues.

At the start of the video for Spin there’s a number 08051989. We’re not sure if this is a member of the band's birth date or just a reference to Blackeye’s Tumblr page (where we can learn that Chloe once performed live to the nation on ITV’s Mad For It and survived the dungeon of gunge). Give Spin a couple of er….spins and you’ll probably find yourself turning it up stupidly loud and hollering along with the line “Spin spin I was seventeen, it cut so bad but it’s just a dream,” over and over, until your neighbours (or parents downstairs depending on your age and situation) start banging on the wall, yelling at you to turn it down.

Blackeye - Growing Pains

Blackeye - Spin (Video)

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