Saturday, 22 December 2012

A Message From Noddy Holder (Guest Post)

IT’S CHRISTMAS !!!!! (Well nearly)

Hey kids, are you hanging up a stocking on your wall ? Because it's the time that every Santa has a ball. So here it is merry Christmas, and it’s a very merry one for me because the royalties for THAT song have started rolling in again. Thanks iTunes, I don’t even have to get out of bed these days to earn some extra cash in December. Look to the future now, it’s only just begun, every yuletide from now till as far as I can see is just a load of old Christmas songs being repurchased again and again and my pockets sounding like jingle bells with all the coins in them. Remember when I sang about granny always telling ya that the old songs are the best? I was right you see. So was granny. Now we're laughing all the way to the bank. So here for your listening pleasure are some old songs for Christmas revamped by new artists. They’ll slay ya.

First we’ve got Foe. She’s not really got into the tinsel and mulled wine spirit like I do with Xmas Break Up. But still, not everyone can be as Christmassy and perky as me. Come on everyone, shout it out - IT’S CHRISTMAS !!!!

Next up is a track that Breaking More Waves posted earlier this month, but it’s so beautiful I wanted to give it the Noddy Holder nod of approval. It’s Curxes and their festive take on Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas complete with Corononation Street samples. Apparently they were the 11th most blogged band this year by UK hype machine listed bloggers - you can see the full list of most blogged bands here. Time for another mince pie I think. You can get this song for free just by going here.

Finally, to wrap up Noddy’s Christmas gift selection, whilst you’re waiting for the family to arrive, here’s THE BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER, or rather a cover version of it. This one’s actually from last year, but still, it’s tradition, it’s Christmas, so sing along everyone. “So here it is merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun…” Thanks Carosel (even though you split up in November)

*Footnote - Noddy's** guest post is our final post on Breaking More Waves until after Christmas. To all our regular readers and subscribers have a cool yule, we'll be back real soon with the winners of the Blog Sound of 2013, commentary on the BBC Sound of 2013,  Sweeping The Nation's UK blogger favourite album survey and then finally get round to posting about some new music - we have a huge backlog of stuff that we've been listening to waiting for you to hear in the new year.

**This may not have actually been Noddy posting. It may have all been a disgraceful sham.

Foe - Xmas Break Up

Curxes - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Carosel - Merry Christmas Everyone


scryst said...

Happy Christmas Breaking More Waves. Thanks for all the music this year, but also thank you for often being entertaining and thought provoking - often within the same paragraph.

dj slippers said...

Merry Christmas. I've enjoyed your blog again this year and as ever you have introduced me to bands/artists I wouldn't have otherwise discovered. Keep up the energy and passion for music.