Friday, 14 December 2012

Albums of the Year 2012 - #7 Ren Harvieu - Through The Night

Released in the spring of 2012 Through The Night is a lush, orchestrated album of nostalgic torch songs and classic retro-pop tunes that acts as a showcase for Ren Harvieu’s seductive voice. Every word is beautifully sung, recalling the likes of Dusty Springfield, Karen Carpenter, Shirley Bassey and James Bond soundtracks. The trick with Harvieu is that she can do subtle and understated. She never has to bellow or shriek or warble and because of that she can convey both strength and vulnerability at the same time. Every contestant of the X-Factor and Jessie J wannabe should be forced to listen to this album over and over until they get it.

Whilst the singles such as Open Up Your Arms and album title track Through The Night failed to make much of a dent on the pop charts, this was never a record designed for the majority of young teenagers. It’s Radio 2 rather than Radio 1, an album to luxuriate in, to feel, to drift away from the world to. Like a fine red wine Through The Night is rich, warm and full of elegance.

Despite being a twenty-something herself, Harvieu and her songs seem to come from a different era. They are all the better for it. 

Ren Harvieu - Open Up Your Arms

Ren Harvieu - Through The Night

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