Saturday, 13 February 2010

Kate Nash - I Just Love You More

Here’s the perfect valentine gift for your punk rock girlfriend or boyfriend. It starts with a wail of guitar noise then adds a simple garage rock riff and a straight laced slightly sexy female spoken vocal intoning “I just love you more,” over and over before caterwauling and screaming into the microphone. Repeat for three minutes and that’s pretty much it. Add a few ba ba ba’s and shouts of I love you with some sweaty heavy panting at the end and voila, your angry tattooed suicide girl or boys underwear will be well and truly off. Now consider this question. “Thanks darling, who was that music by? Was it a lost Bikini Kill / Huggy Bear riot girl song? “

Er, no. Unbelievably it’s a new song from Kate Nash. Yes, Kate ‘I-wear-vintage-dresses-and-sit-at-my-piano-eating-cake-and-drinking-tea-whilst-playing-cute-Lily-Allen-Regina-Spektor-pop-songs’ Nash. Of course we all know the girl is all loved up with Ryan from The Cribs, and has been playing some secret shows under a nom de plume 3 piece named The Receeders, but really, did anyone expect this? Well actually yes. When this blog was a developing babe at the back end of 2008 we reviewed a Kate Nash performance (here) and suggested that she had become an indie mentalist and that she could go anywhere with her new material. Now here’s proof of that pudding.

Of course on hearing the name Kate Nash your punk partner will immediately dump you, but consider this; Kate Nash could have started her second album campaign with just more of the same. But instead she has offered up something obtusely non-commercial that if nothing else is going to shock a lot of her fans. Career suicide maybe, but we admire her bravery. Of course the song isn’t the lead single from her forthcoming album, just a taster, that will be left to the potentially seriously annoyingly titled Do Wah Doo, so this track may not tell the whole tale. We blogged recently (here) about the new haircut of the Nasher and how things could go seriously wrong for her because of it, but we’ll wait till the album released in April to decide if our comedy theory is correct.

You can listen for yourself to I Just Love You More by downloading the track for free from the new Kate Nash official website (here) in exchange for your email address until next Monday. Then go chat up a new indie-punk partner, play them this song, get their knickers off, but don’t tell them who the track is by if you want it all.

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