Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Maccabees featuring Roots Manuva - Empty Vessels

Here’s a collaboration that in theory sounds terrible, in but in practice is sublime. Brighton band The Maccabees team up with Roots Manuva to produce Empty Vessels, a reworking of The Maccabees single No Kind Words. Manuva takes the song to a whole new level and combined with the slightly ‘edgy’ video (below) we’d go as far as saying that this is the best thing The Maccabees have ever produced and the best thing Manuva has produced for some time. So far The Maccabees have avoided being thrown into the landfill indie amenity tip by producing a reasonably well received second album that was just far enough distanced from their debut to make people believe that they were a guitar band worth cherishing. With Empty Vessels The Maccabees show that they are prepared to try something different, with high quality results.

Empty Vessels has been available from I tunes for a couple of months now, but has only just recently been released on 12" vinyl, including a Surgeon remix. We thought it may be worth bringing to your attention, even now, just in case it slipped you by. It can be purchased here.

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